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At Addicted to Gardens we have a real passion for plants as indicated in our name. We would love to work with you to bring a living green wall to your home, office or public space.

Green walls are one of the biggest market trends today, an ideal choice to enhance your wedding venue or corporate event.

Our systems allow versatility from wall size to plant choice and at a cost to suit the needs of most individuals or businesses.

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The greater Sydney area


Key benefits of a Green Wall:

1. Reduction of the Urban Heat Island Effect - With strategic placement of green walls, plants can create enough turbulence to break vertical airflow, which slows and cools down the air.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency - Green walls can help lower the air temperature around intake valves, which means HVAC units will require less energy to cool air before being circulated around a building.

3. Building Structure Protection - Temperature fluctuations over a building's lifetime can be damaging to organic construction materials in building façades. Green walls provide an additional layer of exterior insulation and thereby limit thermal fluctuations. Green walls protect exterior finishes and masonry from UV radiation and rain. They can also increase the seal or air tightness of doors, windows, and cladding by decreasing the effect of wind pressure.

4. Improved Indoor Air Quality - Air that has been circulated throughout a building with a strategically placed green wall (such as near an air intake valve) will be cleaner than that on an uncovered building. The presence of vegetation indoors will have the same effect. These processes remove airborne pollutants such as toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene, and other volatile organic compounds.

5. Noise Reduction - The vegetated surface provided by strategic urban greenery such as green walls and roofs will block high frequency sounds, and when constructed with a substrate or growing medium support can also block low-frequency noises.

6. Marketing Potential - Green buildings, products, and services now possess a competitive edge in the marketplace.

7. Improved Health and Well-Being - Buildings that feature and promote access to vegetation have been documented as having a greater positive human health impact than those without. Studies have shown that visual access to natural settings leads to increased job satisfaction and productivity and post-operative recovery rates in medical facilities.               




Addicted to gardens offers a professional, reliable and courteous service specialising in:

We service the greater Sydney area.

Addicted to Gardens takes pride in working with high end architects, landscapers and plant hire companies within Sydney and surrounding areas. We maintain a quality standard in our workmanship and customer relationships.

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